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Social Media Design and Management

Hello! I’m Selena, a graphic designer with 25+ years in the field, now focusing on social media. Having worked with the likes of O2, Vodafone, Formula One, Take 2 Interactive, French Connection and Primark I now want to work with you!

Here’s what I offer:

✅ Content Creation Services: Custom graphics, Canva templates, video design and editing, interactive content, and infographics.

✅ Canva Training: Boost your design skills with my in-person or online sessions via Zoom.

✅ Social Media Audits: Improve your reach with a detailed platform audit.

✅ Content Strategies: Let’s plan your content to better engage your audience.

✅ Social Media Management: I’ll manage your channels so you don’t have to.

Outside of work, I love eating great food! Trip Hop and dance music from back in the day, fun time with the family, keeping fit and snowboarding.

My DMs are always open for a friendly chat and creative advice.

TikTok: @adeliecreative
Instagram: @adeliecreative
Facebook: @AdelieCreativeLtd
LinkedIn: selenadurrantacl