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Hi, I’m Kerry 👋

I’m an Instagram specialist, trained in social media management and Facebook and Instagram advertising.

As well as account management and providing training on the day-to-day mechanics of managing a successful Instagram account, I work primarily with female business owners to help them nail their brand identity, messaging, and content so that they can confidently market their services on Instagram.

I’m not a traditional marketer, having come to social media after a career in management and comms at the BBC. I won’t bamboozle you with marketing jargon or talk to you (much) about funnels!

What you will get from working with me is someone who understands consumer psychology and the customer journey. Someone who will dive deep to learn your brand and understand your customer’s needs. Someone who will help you to bring your own unique brand story to life through your content and give you clarity about your message.

Oh, and I know a thing or two about how Instagram works so can save you a lot of time and stress!

Work with me:

👩‍💻 Power Hours & 1:1 Training – focus on a specific issue you are having or a particular aspect of the Instagram platform. Need help with your brand identity, Instagram shopping, content planning or Ads? Book via my website.

👭 Ongoing support – I know that there is a huge difference between being shown how to do something and actually getting on and doing it so I offer ongoing nurture packages along with my training so that my support doesn’t end the minute we finish our Power Hour. Need a little bit of handholding while you implement what you have learnt? I’m here for that.

📈 Instagram/Facebook Ads – I’m trained in Instagram and Facebook advertising, developing campaigns, funnels (I said it!), and managing ad accounts.

👩‍🏫 Workshops – I offer group workshops, all online at the moment (#damnyoucovid), but hopefully in person in and around Leeds when it’s safe to do so.

📁 Consultancy – Strategy planning, one-off projects, launches.