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Are you looking to grow your team with a  well-trained, up to speed, dedicated Ads Manager for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Google.

If you feel the ads you’ve been running have been more ‘dabbling’ than ‘dedicated’ and you think your business could boom with the right expertise and Ads Manager on your team, let’s have a chat.

I offer full done-for-you ads management in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Ads and Google Ads where I work with you on creating an advertising and marketing strategy that fits your business, helping you create on brand ad copy and images, then take complete control of running everything for you day-to-day in Business Manager and Ads Manager.

I also offer some lighter touch options including problem-solving and planning sessions  an Ads Support Club.

You can find them all on the website, just click here for more info. 

Want to know a bit more about me?

I started my business as an alternative to going back to my Local Government Managerial job after maternity leave! I began as a techy/social media VA in 2014, working mostly with female business owners and helping them with online courses, memberships, email marketing, social media and paid ads.

I loved the ads side of things so much! That mix of creativity, tech, stats and non-stop learning is my happy place!! After a few training courses, I’ve been offering ads management as a service since 2017.

I live in the far north of Scotland (Shetland Islands) with hubby and kids, so I really do understand remote and rural! (I also really understand the importance of online shopping 🤣).

More than that though, I know from experience and lessons learned that businesses can succeed from anywhere with dedication, commitment, perseverance, a calm can-do attitude and a drive to keep on keeping on. Add to that a large dollop of teamwork and community, and you have a round-up of  the qualities I treasure most –  I think I bring them to my work too. I’m honest and reliable, and if I think something isn’t going to work, I’ll tell you – nicely and constructively, of course.

If you’re in to personality assessments I’m an INTJ and an Enneagram 8.  If you want to know what I’m up to day-to-day, you’ll most likely find me in my Instagram stories.  Feel free to DM me there to arrange a chat too.  Or, email me at getintouch@allisonchristie.com