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Looking for an Ads Manager who knows Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and Google?

I offer full done-for-you ads management,  I can build and manage your campaigns on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) TikTok, Pinterest or Google.

I also offer ‘Done In One’ Days.  You book me for a day, I build your campaigns, ads, and everything else you need to get your paid social campaigns up and running.

There’s also Problem-solving sessions(half-days) and Ask Allison hours, if you need a little help, advice or troubleshooting your own campaigns. 

I’m also experienced in offering white-label ads management to clients of digital marketing agencies. 

I can also run workshops and training for your teams on any aspect of social media marketing and I love to dive in to pixel/business manager setups and tangles!   

I have a team of associates who support me day-to-day in the business, so together we can manage: organic social media posting, paid ads campaigns and your email marketing. 

Want to know a bit more about me? I’ve been running my own business since 2014, firstly as a techy/social media Virtual Assistant, working with a mixture of online courses, memberships, email marketing, social media and paid ads. I’ve been focused solely on social media and ads marketing since 2017.

I live in the far north of Scotland (Shetland Islands) with hubby and kids, so I really do understand remote and rural businesses, as well as having to wear all the hats in your business!

I’ve a calm can-do attitude and a drive to keep on keeping on. I’m honest and reliable, and if I think something isn’t going to work, I’ll tell you – nicely and constructively, of course.

Want to have a chat? 
Fill in an enquiry form on my website or email me at getintouch@allisonchristie.com