What Ho! I’m Anna, aka The Social Media Lady. I used to be a Classics teacher, and taught teenagers, frequently telling them to get off social media and read a book! Oh, the irony!

Now, I provide amazing B2B social media strategies, content, training and external consultancy.

🦔 Is your social media stressing you out, making you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or confused?

🦔 Do you feel like you have no clue what to post or how to use it to drive your business forward without paying for adverts?

🦔 Content creation, robust strategies and a whole myriad of data you need to collect, collate and analyse?

You’re so busy that the mere thought of social media makes your legs go all sorts of wobbly, so you keep your head safely in the sand.

Or pass it to your sales department and hope they know what to do. Hint- they won’t!

Sales and marketing need to work together as one team, but they require VERY different skills!

Good news: you’ve found the person to make all that stress vanish. Me 👋

You’ll save at least 10 hours a week, stop feeling overwhelmed and see your engagement and brand awareness increase.

That means you generate good quality leads.

You’ll feel relieved, have more headspace and your business will make money.

Everything is based on data, algorithms and organic growth; on years of study, action and skill. I don’t provide paid advertising services.

Relationships on social media are THE key to your business success and these take time and effort to build, but the results can be incredible IF you know what to do.

By building solid and authentic relationships you develop a strong foundation for targeted, highly effective lead generation. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Your content is the result of a carefully planned, rigorously applied and thoughtfully analysed strategy. 

A full social media strategy is a HUGE task to undertake. Without it, you have no framework, foundation or goals for social media. 

You can pass me all the technical, fiddly bits, all the time consuming tasks and all the stressful aspects of curating, expanding and maintaining a brand on social media.

As an external consultant for all aspects of social media and digital marketing, I provide brands with all the benefits of an in house service without the stress and cost of an employee.

I’m a countryside loving, brownie baking, seaside fanatic who can’t knit for toffee, but who is chuffingly good at social media marketing.

Oh, and I’m an INFJ Advocate which is apparently rare and good for your business.

Also, I really love hedgehogs.

Drop me a message get started 🦔

You can reach me at