What Ho! Social media stressing you out?

Feel like you have no clue what to post or how it can make your business money 🤯?

Need a strategy, hashtags & KPIs, but you’re utterly flummoxed about WHAT all this is or HOW to do it?

I bet you’re so busy that the mere thought of social media makes your legs go all sorts of wobbly, so you keep your head safely in the sand.

🤯You’re scared of getting social media “wrong”

🤯You’re overwhelmed

🤯You’re stressed

Good news: you just found the person to make all that go away. Me 👋.

What Ho! I’m Anna, aka The Social Media Lady. I used to be a Classics teacher, and taught teenagers Latin, architecture, literature & history.

Now I teach nice grown ups how to have a stress free social media presence that makes them money without adverts, boosts, or influencers.

Do you want:

🦔 Social Media Content- This isn’t just good content; this is #TheSocialMediaLady content (think M&S advert 😉), so perfectly polished your ideal clients’ jaws will drop

🦔 Community Management -All that action on your account gets taken care of by yours truly. My clients struggle to tell if they wrote something, or if it was me! The result is that your accounts are engaged, visible, & appealing

🦔 Social Media Audits- Success is the result of strategy. I do a full analysis of what your social media is doing for you & how it can do even more. You get an in-depth data crunching report packed with strategy for going forward.

🦔 Lead Generation- This is a premium service based on data, algorithms, and facts for lead generation. No woo woo here, my dear, and NEVER any cold DMS, spammy sales posts or other ick. Targeted, account based and highly effective.

🦔 Bespoke Training & Consultancy- Need someone to come in and show your team how to really utilise social media? Want a short term external consultant to devise your social media strategy, train your teams, oversee progress and hold your hand whilst you launch, grow and scale?  I work as an external consultant for medium and large firms with turnovers running from well under £1 million to well over it.

Your social media will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Imagine not having to be filled with dread every time you think of your social media.
Working with me means social media stress-removal, guaranteed. It also means lots of fun, what ho-ing and cake.

I am a countryside loving, brownie baking, seaside fanatic who can’t knit for toffee, but absolutely CAN turn your service based business around with robust strategies, seriously good content & the sort of data crunching that makes nerds weep with envy.

Oh, and I’m an INFJ Advocate which is apparently rare and super in terms of business and what you you get from me.

Also, I really love hedgehogs🦔

You can find me over on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/annarump or on Instagram at www.instagram.com/the.social.media.lady