What Ho!

You can’t polish a 💩, and rolling it in glitter is just a short-term fix.

Do you spend ages on social media, and only the odd lead arrives here and there?

If you’re in a customer-facing role, then you need to be visible.

You may well be going to networking meetings and events, the but did you know your social media is part of your success at these events?

Not everyone will engage with every post, but they’ll remember you, and this changes the dynamic; they’ll be more willing to approach you in person!

Your posts need to inform the reader, to appeal to potential clients and stick in their minds.

This is much easier to do if you’ve built a relationship with them…you know, being sociable on social media!

Still don’t see the power that is social media marketing?!?🤔

💎Is writing your content making you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and not seen by your ideal client?

💎Do you feel like you have no clue how to show your personality and build brand awareness?

💎Are you bamboozled by lack of strategy, no roadmap of what to do on each platform to appeal to your audience?

You can’t see the wood for the trees; you’re so close to the problem that the solution remains hidden.

That’s OK, we know how to do this.

We know that actually, people don’t care about your products or services..they care how your products and services will make them FEEL 🥰

💎Imagine having a clear set of content pillars and a roadmap of how to use them.

💎Imagine having content that sparks greater engagement, real conversations and ideal clients contacting you.

💎Imagine having a clear strategy bespoke to your business and your goals.

Stories are powerful tools; they build relationships- and based on a relationship, people buy goods and services.

By building your personality on social media, you make it easier for people to feel. And when you can do that, they’ll buy.

By engaging with other peoples’ content and, building a carefully curated network, having real conversations about real life, you will find people come to you naturally.

You build a relationship carefully, steadily and consistently.

There are no quick wins, silver bullets or magic potions.

And the foundation of fantastic content is a solid strategy and outstanding training, which we excel at!

SocialJems is all about straight-talking, fun-loving social media marketing, with dog cuddles and cups of tea thrown in (for us, not you, get off the biscuits 🍪)

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