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If you run a restaurant or food business, you probably don’t have time to get the best out of your social – so who do you want managing it for you?! 

👋🏻 Hi, I’m Amy – restaurant/food/social/ads obsessed, ready to take all things social off your hands, and free you up to get on with other things. 

I’m a former food blogger, and current serial dinner-photographer, with a phone that contains 25GB of food photos and the same again of videos. What, I need them for ad-hoc reel/TikTok trends! 

I know you know this, but social media can (and should) be a key part of your marketing plan, and could well become one of the most cost-effective ways of getting those bums on seats. I will help you get the best out of it for your venue/brand, and leave you free to do what you should be doing, whether that’s researching new products, running the venue or cooking up a storm.