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I help high achiever women like you to take their business to the next level by letting them concentrate in developing their enterprise while I am in charge of the advertising side of their business.

I deliver this in three ways:

1-Power Hour: £127 a 60-minute zoom call for people who need a short training related to their Facebook & Instagram Advertising or those who are looking for help solving a particular issue.

2-Nurture Package: A 4-week (1 hour training per week) If you’re happy running your own Facebook Ads but would like regular 1:1 support and guidance then my nurture package is the perfect option for you. Each week you will get a 1:1 zoom call with me where I will help you unearth the basics and start running high performing ads today.

3-Full Strategy & Management of your Facebook and Instagram Advertising Campaigns. (minimum 3 months contract) I will develop your strategy and deliver your ads on your behalf leaving you time to focus on what you’re good at – running your business.

You will need a minimum investment of £600 per month directly paid to Facebook + my £600 fee per month

(There is also a £350 initial set up fee in the first month).


The ideal recommended budget to attract new clients and bring back the ones already know your brand is £1000 per month (paid directly to Facebook) + my £750 fee per month.