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I’m Clare, a Social Media Marketer, and I help product and service based businesses to implement effective social media marketing activity. I can help you with:

  • LinkedIn management – where I take the reigns and manage your social media activity for you including company page management and growth
  • LinkedIn strategy – working with you to create a strategy so you know how to develop and manage your LinkedIn presence
  • LinkedIn and Meta ads – managing paid advertising campaigns for your business
  • Power Hour – a great opportunity for you to tackle any areas of your social media that you want to improve or to develop your knowledge and seek advice 
  • Nurture package – provides you with a mini strategy and one months content outline to get you going

⭐ A few things about me …

  • I have a Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing
  • I am a LinkedIn Certified Professional in LinkedIn Marketing Fundamentals, and Content and Creative Design
  • I have completed Emma Van Heusen’s ADcelerator Facebook & Instagram ads training programme
  • My experience covers Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • I’m passionate about helping businesses harness social media
  • I have a background of over 18 years in marketing

👉Next steps: Drop me an email to discuss how I can help you or find me on LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you!