Hi! I’m Eleanor. I’m a CIM qualified marketer with over 10 years experience and before going freelance I worked as a Product Manager & Brand Manager for several well-known consumer goods brands. Over the years I’ve worked on many projects including digital marketing campaigns, new product & packaging development & trade marketing but my passion for digital marketing in particular has led me to specialise in this area over the last few years. I now offer marketing support, consultancy & training to small product-based businesses. I’m now at capacity for monthly support packages, however I am still able to offer marketing (including social media) consultancy sessions & Instagram training sessions. I also have experience working on Amazon and offer consultancy and/or training sessions on this, if this is helpful to your business. I love working with consumer goods businesses and other product-based businesses such as suppliers, manufacturers, retailers & ecommerce stores. I’m really passionate about helping small businesses to grow and being a strategic marketer; I’m always thinking about how your social media (or other) plans will satisfy your overall marketing objectives. Testimonials include: “…passionate about doing a great job and a dream to work with” – Mary Young, Lil-Lets UK “Eleanor is friendly, efficient & gets great results for our clients who love working with her.” – Kristy Roff, Get Ahead VA Berkshire “…not only does she create great content but her client engagement is also just what’s needed…” Louise Young , Get Ahead VA West London