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When you work with FPN you’re not going to engage with a big team of people… it’s just me- a surprisingly short freelancer. So here’s a few things you may or may not like to know in advance:

1. I have resting smiley face.

2. I was scared of sandwiches for much of my early childhood.

3. I love poems that rhyme.

4. I make brilliant cocktails.

5. I hate scary films.

6. I hate being tickled.

7. I make a weird noise as I fall asleep.

8. I absolutely love chicken nuggets from Maccies.

9. I taught myself to touch type- now I’m rapid.

10. I have 2 jokes in my back pocket- they are both excellent.

11. I wore a green skirt for pretty much every day of my life between the ages of 19 and 22.

12. I have a little boy called Wilfred.

13. I’ve got a dog called Preston- I think he will live forever, he loses a tooth most days.

14. I think a well-timed hot bath could save the world- perhaps quite literally in the current climate.

15. I am obsessed with organisation and storage… it brings me life

16. I was a Secondary English Teacher for 10 years (and Deputy Headteacher)

17. I have a tribe of wing women. I believe passionately in the power of a girl gang.

18. I love writing- blogs, copy, articles… words are my thing.

19. If you want to talk about pens or label makers I’m up for it

20. Instagram is my bae.