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Hi my name is Megan. I am a Google, Facebook & Bing paid advertising specialist with 9 years of agency experience.

During this time I have regularly achieved positive results. My personal favourite result is winning a lead worth £500,000 with Chanel off of a £2000 spend. The lead came through my Google Ads campaign and led to the client expanding to countries including USA, Australia & Jersey, With a significant increase in budget.

During my time in the paid advertising industry, I’ve seen considerable changes. As a result of my experience, I have taken part in hands-on training from Google representatives. This has meant I have a wealth of learnings including utilising automated bidding, managing performance max campaigns and GA4 training.

Whether you’re a start-up new to Google Ads, or an established business wanting to propel your business further, my skills and experience will be able to help you reach your goals. Send a message to book a discovery call.

Want to hear some feedback from current clients? 

“Megan has been a great asset to my team, providing clear and data-informed Google Ads Strategy and Account Management.”

“We loved working with Henry Roberts, their ideas were so creative and they really helped up connect the very different buyers for our business (children, teenagers and parents). Megan introduced new platforms to us and presented all the information we needed in easy, customisable reports. Megan not only thinks about the content but how it will meet our business goals and that’s what sets her apart from other agencies we’ve worked with.”

“Such a great agency, full of knowledge and experience. Can recommend to anyone!”

“I was referred to Henry Roberts Marketing to assist with auditing my Meta Business Suite, Creator Studio, and Ads Accounts. I kept getting errors and Facebook wasn’t offering any solutions. We jumped on a web conference where I screen shared to show her exactly what I was talking about and then handed it over to her as I’d spent more time than I’d care to admit trying to connect everything correctly. That day an audit was performed and my accounts were all connected and operating as they should be. Hands down would recommend Henry Robert Marketing and well worth the money spent! Absolute godsend.”