LinkedIn is a powerful platform for building professional connections and growing your personal brand. Maybe you’ve been using it for a while or you’re new, looking to build a powerful brand from scratch.

Wether your brand needs ongoing support or you’re starting from scratch, I’m your wing-woman!

My mission is to support you and your business on LinkedIn with exciting content. I’ll work closely with you to capture your voice and vision and create content that reflects your personal brand and gives it some sparkle.
My core services are:

· LinkedIn profile optimisation
· LinkedIn content strategy
· LinkedIn ghostwriting and copywriting
· LinkedIn account management

Hi, my name is Julia Zatta and I’d like to thank you for spending some time on my page today. Here are a few few things about me you’ll like to know:

· Based in Barcelona Spain, I’m originally from the US and Italy. I’m fluent in Spanish and Italian.

· I’ve worked for years in the wellness industry and I’m a great fit for professionals working in the area of nutrition, physical wellbeing, the healing arts, trauma-informed approaches, therapy and yoga.

· But that’s not all! I’ve worked with clients in many different industries, from recruitment, product design to event planning, production and design.  

· Listening is my super power – I’m able to tune into my client’s needs and understand their requirements. I’m proactive about saving them precious time whilst helping them achieve their goals.  

Contact me at to request a free discovery call. I look forward to meeting you!