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I help product based ecommerce businesses connect to their ideal customers using targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads, to increase website traffic, sales or leads or generally raise brand awareness. I like to look at the all round customer experience with you. I’m offering you a fresh pair of eyes to look at your overall customer journey; I’ll consider your general online presence and the customer user experience on your website form the initial landing page through to the purchase. If you have a bricks and mortar shop I’ll also check that the branding is consistent across that too!

I have experience in building WordPress websites and offer this as an additional service. This can include an ongoing SEO optimisation package.

I am also able to set up and optimise your Google My Business listing.

I invest in ongoing training and paid membership groups to ensure that my knowledge is up to date and I have access to further expert advice if needed in the areas of Facebook Advertising and Website SEO.

Qualifications: Strategic Facebook Ads 🔸 Strategic Social Media 🔸 20 years Small Business experience from buying and accounts through to design, advertising, social media and website design in the Home, Lifestyle and Fashion sectors. I’m also an ex-Physio but that may or may not be relevant for you!

I offer:

🔸 Facebook Ad Account Audits. Have you tried ads but you’re not happy with the results so far? Let me take a look and provide you with a report showing where improvements may be made or different tactics tried.

🔸 Training in Facebook Ads. Whether you’d like a quick Power Hour 1:1 to go through questions that you have or whether you’d like a longer Nurture Package (3 hours taken as an initial 1 hour session followed by 30 min+ sessions within the next 30 days).

🔸 Fully managed or Done For You service. A comprehensive service which could include copy writing, creatives, set up and management, rapid fire testing for getting you up and running quickly and effectively.

🔸 Basic introduction to Facebook Ads training in groups via Zoom.


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