Ladies Lead | For e-Commerce Business Owners


Hey, I’m Kate! I’m your Gen Z and always up-to-date social media girlie 😜

I help e-commerce brands increase their visibility on social media and convert followers into leads and customers!

If you have:

✨ hundreds of product reviews

✨ effective ads for the past 6 months

✨ good website

✨ high-quality photos and videos

✨ consistent more than £10k months


But you..

❌ don’t have the time to do it all by yourself

❌ lack the creativity to create attention-grabbing reels

❌ don’t know what to do and post on Instagram

❌ can’t keep up with social media trends


then I’m the right social media strategist for you!


What you can expect from our partnership:

✅ Increased reel views

✅ Increased likes, comments, followers, and story views

✅ More followers getting converted into email subscribers and website traffic


Over the past three years, I have helped e-commerce businesses in different industries achieve the following:

🌟 Hit their first $10K month on Shopify without going viral and running ads

🌟 Hit their first 3M views on Instagram & Facebook Reels

🌟 Increase in 2k followers in 3 months

🌟 Got $130K in sales from BFCM campaigns, all powered by our organic reel content used for running ads


Partnering with me means less stress and more time for you to focus on what you do best. Oh, and did I mention you can leverage our content for your ads? That’s right – save big bucks on hiring a separate ad creative team and watch your ROI soar! 💰

My clients have seen great results from our organic content being used for their ads which have generated them $70K in sales in 1 month! 🤯


Ready to make a smart investment in your brand’s future? My minimum monthly investment for management starts at £1000 – a small price to pay for significant returns.


Want to see the results my clients have got? CLICK HERE