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Helping business owners achieve success from Facebook and Instagram ads.

You want to reach your ideal clients via advertising on social media, but you either aren’t sure what you are doing or don’t have the time or knowledge to run ads yourself. So what can you do? Get in touch and let an expert help. 

Since 2010 I have offered supportive marketing services to individuals and business owners just like you. Helping both e-comm / product-based and service/membership-based businesses achieve success.

So how can I help you and your business?

1. Social Ads Review / Power Hour

If you are already running ads on Facebook or Instagram and are looking for a little reassurance on how they are set up, running or converting then let me look under the bonnet.

Not yet pressed publish on your ad campaign? Then let’s walk through the draft and check it has everything set up to help you reach your objective.

Helping to offer you reassurance and sharing a few tips along the way.

2. Social Ads Set Up

Got all of the components of your ad and no idea, no time or no enthusiasm to put it all together – then let me help. I can put your campaign together and publish it for you to look after and manage.

The social ads set up service is priced dependent on the complexity of ad set up and ad spend.

3. Full Ads Management

If you are looking to outsource putting the ads together, run, testing and optimising. Then full ads management is for you.

This service is ideal for clients who have an ad spend of at least £900 a month. (£30 a day)

Full ads management is priced dependent on the complexity of ad set-up and monthly ad spend.  Minimum 3-month contract.

Why me? 

I only work with clients where I have a genuine interest in your business. I enjoy being part of your remote team and helping you to achieve the ‘wins’ you are looking for.

As a busy ads manager, currently running ads for paying clients I have up-to-the minute knowledge of changes happening within the platform. I can also offer you realistic ideas on how much it is likely to cost to achieve your campaign target.

I have worked in a marketing and sales capacity for some big companies across the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the UK, Europe, and the Caribbean. Then whilst living in Dublin, I began working for myself as a freelance marketeer. Most of my clients have come to me via referrals from other clients and I’m happy to say most have stayed with me for many years.

Get in touch and we can discuss how I can work with you to help you reach your business goals.