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What I do
I help the owners of B2B services companies find, reach and nurture relationships with their ideal clients through purposeful social media marketing. Working with me will enable you to find focus and will reignite your passion for running your business.

How I do it
⁠Purposeful social media marketing is about creating absolute clarity around what you want to achieve on social media and how you’re going to achieve it. In other words, strategy!⁠ ⁠Setting clear goals and being steered by a well thought-out plan creates laser sharp focus for your day-to-day marketing activities, which saves time, effort and money. ⁠That means you can get back to doing what you love – delighting your clients.

My solutions in purposeful social media marketing are: ⁠
🌿 Rooted in your brand story⁠
🎯 Bound by your business and/or marketing objectives
🗺️ Steered by strategy ⁠
📖 Brought to life through relevant content, that connects on an emotional level and makes a difference in people’s lives. ⁠

I offer the following services:

  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Platform management
  • Training – 1:1 and groups
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter advertising management
  • Social media account audit
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Power hour consultations

Head over to my website for more information on my services.

A bit about me
With an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing from the renowned trainers Digital Mums, I’m proud to be amongst an alumni that are some of the most sought after professionals in our field. Additionally I am trained in Facebook and Instagram ads, through The Hub’s Ads Manager Academy.

I have significant UK and international marketing experience gained at both client- and agency-side. With a background in consulting for global brands on brand positioning, marketing strategy and capability building, I love connecting people to each other and around knowledge and information. I believe businesses and brands can be a meaningful part of that.

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I hope to help you soon!