Marta Carvalho Digital Marketing

Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Instagram Ads

My name is Marta, and I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant with strong knowledge of how we can target potential clients, in different phases of the customer journey, with the right tools in place.

I’m a trained Facebook Ads Strategist and Google Ads Manager, and I’m here to help you scale your business through Facebook and/or Google Ads and connect different bits & pieces of your business.

I’ve been a Marketer since ever, and I’ve changed my 15 years of corporate (marketing) life for freelancing to balance work and family. I’ve been trained by top tier Institutions/Instructors to be able to deliver the services described below. I’m convinced I’ll never stop studying and “Email Marketing” is my next target.


  • Google Ads – Kaity Griffins Profitable Promotion
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads – Emma Van Heusen Adcelerator Programme
  • Social Media Management – Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing DM
  • Digital Marketing and Leadership – Squared Online/Google

Professional Services:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Power Hours and Audits – if you need help on a specific topic
  • Training in house teams

If you’re ready to take this step, let’s have a FREE discovery call so I can know your business needs! Let’s get started…