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Hi I’m Karen

I am a paid ads specialist and offer the following services to clients who want to generate more leads or sales for their growing businesses.

  • Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads Strategy & Management: A bespoke ads service for your business. Working out the right objectives for the results you are trying to achieve by creating and strategically managing your ads and budget.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy: I can develop a strategy that builds on your business and marketing objectives and puts you in a position to confidently deliver your strategy on your social media accounts.
  • Audits: I will look at your social media accounts and provide you with a playbook of recommendations to help your social media accounts to stand out. I can also review your ad accounts and provide you with recommendations for your campaigns.
  • Power Hours: For any specific Ad or Social Media related issue we can work through it together in either a power hour or a series of nurture sessions.

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