PKM Digital – Nikki Peckham


I am an experienced Strategic Marketing Consultant with over 17 year experience. I help small business owners level up their marketing and grow their businesses.

I provide social media audits, competitor analysis, dream customer persona development, social media strategy and full social media management to help small businesses get their voices heard and grow their customer base. I specialise in organic Facebook and Instagram marketing but also have training in and some experience on Twitter and LinkedIn. I also have a close associate that I work with to deliver Facebook and Instagram advertising.

In addition to this I provide coaching and training to help small business owners gain clarity and confidence in the marketing fundementals of their business with a strong focus on understanding their customer and invigorating their brand.

I bring a unique blend of practical organisation skills, leadership, marketing, strategic and analytical thinking, a strong user focus and an inquisitive mind to everything I work on.

I bring to the table a combination of over 17 years experience in both marketing and product development, a BA Marketing (Hons) degree, a CIM certficate in Digital Marketing and an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing.

To date, I have worked with  a school lettings social enterprise, a co-working office and business network, a reflexologist and nutritionist, a florist, a barber, a massage therapist, a candle retailer, authors, the public sector and more. References and case studies are available on request.


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