Hi I’m Sarah, Social Media Marketer and Trainer and a total fan of the creative platforms: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I know a thing or two about the other platforms too, but let’s keep things simple.

My single goal is to bring simplicity and freedom to everyday social media for business. I’m committed to empowering businesses to achieve more on social, with carefully thought out strategies and in-depth training aimed at developing creativity and confidence.

I can help you with:

  • Bespoke training – giving you all the skills you need to run your social media efficiently, effectively and creatively.


  • Social media coaching – guiding you to achieve more, wow your audience and find creative ways to drive sales.


  • Strategy development – identifying your strategic direction for social media including platforms, audience, influencers, content, ads and right down to hashtags and the nitty gritty.


  • Full platform management – I also provide full platform management for just a small number of businesses, mostly in the travel, hospitality and eco/sustainability industries.


Connect with me over on Instagram where I’ll be sharing endless ideas, inspiration and tips: https://www.instagram.com/sarahrichardsrm/