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Hi there.  Thanks for popping by my listing.

I help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and connect with their audiences online.

Having previously worked as a holistic therapist,  I have a lot of experience in this area and love working with health and wellness professionals and coaches. In fact it was whilst working as a therapist that I grew my knowledge and love of digital marketing. Obviously I needed to use it for my own business but I soon found myself helping other therapists with their own marketing.

Other clients have included a party planner, author, a beauty products business, a writers’ coach and a marketing strategist.

Social Media Consulting
Do you have a plan for posting on social media?  If not, I can work with you to put together a strategy in line with your wider business goals.

If content creation is a sticking point for you then let me help you put together a content plan using the 4P Framework.

Get Unstuck Hours
Maybe you don’t want monthly management but do need to pick someone’s brains. If so, then my ‘Get Unstuck’ hour might be just what you need. Perhaps you want to know how to use Instagram Reels, or you aren’t sure how to set up Twitter Lists.  Let’s get you unstuck and moving forward.

Instagram are going big on shopping in 2021.  If you have sell a physical product then you need to have an Instagram Shop.  If you’re not sure how to do this then get in touch and I can help you set yours up.

Social Media Platform Audit
If you’re not getting the results you’d hoped from social media, you might not be making the most of your account.  I can carry out an audit of your account(s) and report back on first impressions and things that you can change to get the platform working for you.

Email Marketing
Social media is often at the top of the funnel (the buyers journey), helping to build awareness.  Ideally, you then get your fans and followers onto your email list and continue to nurture your relationship.  I can help you formulate an email marketing strategy that works alongside your social media strategy and wider marketing goals.

Facebook Ads
Reach a wider audience using Facebook Ads.  I can work with you to create an ads strategy and manage your monthly ads budget.

Let’s connect on:
Facebook – @sarahstiffinonline
Instagram – @sarahstiffin
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LinkedIn – @sarahstiffin