Socially Maz – Marianne Avery


Hello! I’m Marianne Avery and I’m the face of Socially Maz 👋🏻 Do you need some help with your social media? I’m a social media consultant and work primarily with female-founded small and medium businesses to navigate the world of social media.

I offer a variety of services from audits of your account to give you some tips on what to start doing and also stop doing; to training to help you build your brand and reach potential customers; to training can be in the form of in-person workshops (face to face) to on-line masterclasses; to power hours where we can go through a specific question or problem you might be facing; to a VIP half or full day where you’d like to drill into something more in-depth. I also content creation services where I can create a series of content for you – copy and images.

I’m here to help you learn to do it yourself, whilst you focus on driving your business. I have retrained as a social media manager after a number of years working in the corporate world, in a number of roles and organisations:

  • a project manager in outsourced contact centre implementations across a variety of sectors in the UK and Australia
  • in a large high street bank as a New Product Development Manager, Customer Services lead and more recently as Head of Customer Experience

You can find out more about what I can do for you by checking out my social media pages: Instagram Twitter LinkedIn – Socially Maz LinkedIn – Marianne Avery Facebook Page Send me an email to arrange a discovery call to find out how I can help you 👇🏻