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Hilary has over 12 years professional experience in user evaluation and digital experience design. Her combined skills and knowledge ensure she is well equipped to develop and manage engaging social media campaigns. 

Platform Audits – (starting from £79) I will record a video audit/review of your platforms, reviewing the look and feel, first impressions, what you are doing well and what you could do to improve. I will send you the recording so you have it to refer back to and act on.

1:1 Power Hour  – 60 minutes (£99) or 90 minutes (£120) to power up your knowledge of any aspect of your social media strategy that you want to focus on. During a session we’ll take a look at your platform setup, optimization, content and engagement so I can advise you on where to make some changes to help you smash you social media and business targets.

Coaching Package – (starting at £350) As well as 3 x 1 hour Zoom training sessions on how to use each platform your coaching package includes:

  • Workbook for each of your chosen platforms
  • Content area suggestions
  • Audience and engagement strategy
  • Troubleshooting any problems
  • Hashtag research