Are you a service provider or service-based business owner?

Are you spending hours and hours thinking of what to post on your socials next?

Are you having to turn away new clients as you can’t accommodate them time-wise (as you’re too busy creating content)?

Are you hitting an income cap because you can’t launch any new services due to spending so much time on socials?

Then you need to get in touch!

Hi, I’m Alex, a friendly and enthusiastic social media manager. My aim is to help you get rid of the daily stress that comes with running a business and social media platform.

I want to enable you to focus on the important things by taking over the time-consuming process of running your socials and engaging with your ideal clients.

Imagine having the time you need to nurture your existing clients, reach out to new ones, launch new services and grow your business so you can increase your income.

Here’s where I come in!

I can help with:

-ensuring brand consistency

-content strategy and marketing

-content creation (including writing captions and copy)

-content curation and repurposing

-scheduling posts and creating a content calendar

-hashtag research

-engagement strategy

-community management

If you’re ready to let go of the stress that comes with social media and recoup some much needed time, email me now!