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Helping social media grow on you

Wouldn’t it be nice to have social media content made for your unique business?

SquiggleSocial works closely with you to help you get the most out of your social presence, from auditing where you are right now to developing strategies and tools for you to discover the full benefits of being social.

free audits

It’s always good to get another pair of eyes on your pages to check that your content is showing up. A free mini audit will review your current social media activity & offer suggestions on how to progress.


A strategy takes the guesswork out of social, and covers everything from content and blog ideas to hashtags and schedulers.

power hours

1: 1 Zoom session + action plan looking at a specific issue you have or a more open session covering a range of ways to get to grips with social media. Got something you’d like to ask about social? This is the place to get an answer.

nurture package

An in-depth look at your feeds to ensure they are effective, combined with a flexible training package.

management & content

Chose from three options designed to give you content and the confidence to use it. If you’re ready to ask me to take over the making and doing on your social pages, these services are for you.