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Having worked in retail from the age of 16 I have a passion for helping small and independent businesses start their e-commerce shops.

I love building the site and helping you see it grow, helping you get the orders and building a successful platform.

I’ve developed a wealth of knowledge also on selling platforms such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace including Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. I’ve also built stores using Shopify, EKM, Wix, and many others.

Having worked for a number of different companies to run, manage and design their websites and social media platforms over the past 10 years I like to think I’ve learnt a few things along the way.

I’ve discovered that lots of smaller companies are put off by using social media but it can be such a valuable tool if used correctly.

You don’t need massive budgets to get the most out of these online platforms just great ideas. If you’re looking for a helping hand on any aspect of your online business including digital marketing then please get in touch.