Hello, I’m Rebecca from Story and Wild,

You’ve come to a point where you need help with your social media for your small business.

Maybe you are feeling uninspired and lacking ideas and need a fresh perspective?

Maybe you have your social media accounts set up but are too scared to post for fear of getting it ‘wrong’?

Or maybe you are beginning to scale your business and no longer have time to keep up a consistent presence on social media?

All these new updates are so confusing and you just want to understand how you can grow your audience and customers in a simple, straightforward way.

Here is how I can help you 

Social Media Audits – you have been running your accounts for over 3 months and would like a fresh perspective of new ideas and how you can improve your content. I will produce a detailed, easy to understand step by step PDF to help you reignite your accounts 

1:1 Power Hour Training – you have one specific area of social media you would like more personalised, in-depth training with either face to face or via zoom

Social Media Strategy – you are launching a new business or a new product or service and would like a comprehensive content plan and strategy to kick start your success

Social Media Management – you currently lack the time to run your own accounts and would like someone who can create a comprehensive strategy to grow your audience and customers 

Not sure where to start? You can book a free 30-minute discovery call to see how I can help you with your social media.

I would love to help with your social media – you can find out more over on my website or connect on Instagram and Facebook