Faye Strange – Pinterest Management and Training (Strange Social)


Hand your Pinterest account over to an expert and start getting quality traffic into your funnel, faster.

Do you have a successful course, programme, membership or product and you need a little help getting it in front of the right people?

Would you love to have evergreen Pins that continue to drive quality traffic back to your website and funnel for months and years into the future?

Perhaps your Pinterest is absolutely rocking, but the time it takes to manage your account is taking far too much ‘you’ from your biz.

You’re here because you’re wondering what possibilities could be achieved if you had a Pinterest expert helping you.

When you’re a busy business owner, sometimes taking the DIY approach can be the hardest and most time-consuming path to take. Especially when that half-completed Pinterest course you looked at in 2019 is already out of date!

It can leave you feeling uncertain and confused and take up far too much headspace when you need to be focussing on other things in your business.

I can help you!

By working with you, I can help free up your valuable time and headspace and you can feel confident in knowing that Pinterest is going to become a traffic generating machine for your website.

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