Hi! I’m Konica a Social Media Manager and Coach. I’m here to make your life easier when it comes to social media.

Social media isn’t hard, but what is hard is juggling your business, life AND your social media platforms.

Finding the time to figure out what content works best on each platform, who your audience are, finding images to go with your posts, thinking about when to post and being consistent on your social media is a lot for a business to undertake.

But, I can help you make social media easier for you and your business.

Whether that be:

  • Full social media management
  • Creating content for your platforms
  • Conducting a social media audit to help you maximise your social media platforms
  • Having a collaborative ‘power hour’ with you so you have a clear idea and plan of how to take your social media forward yourself

I’ve worked across a range of sectors from Corporate, to Small Business, Start -up to Third sector. I’m passionate about social media and continuing to learn about this fast-moving specialism, so am pleased to soon be embarking on a specialist Facebook Ads course, so I can continue to expert solutions to my clients.

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you

  • meet your goals and aims when it comes to maximising your social media
  • make the most of the budget that you have to spend on your social

Please do get in touch!