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Hello, I’m Tara.

I’m an ethical digital strategist with experience working for some of Britain’s biggest brands including the BBC and National Theatre. I believe that the world can and will become a better place if we put compassion and creativity into the heart of our businesses, our brands and our communities. Social media can be bad for our mental health, but if we act responsibility it can be a great tool to enrich your life. Here are a few ways I can use my skills in storytelling, content strategy, content creation, copywriting and data analysis to help you.

  1. Training and Content Coaching
  2. Power Hours
  3. Brand Audits
  4. Content Plans
  5. Strategic Platform Propositions
  6. Full Digital Marketing Strategy

My ethical marketing strategies are structured around four specific principles, informed by my Buddhist and Hindu upbringing.

  1. Social media was made for people, not for brands
  2. Act as mindfully online as you would in real life
  3. Practise maitrī (self-compassion following self-analysis)
  4. Create compassionate action

Working with these principles helps brands build strong, highly engaged communities. These are customers who need, want and love your product or service and are likely to stick with your brand and make repeat purchases. By hiring me to train your staff or create a strategy for you, you can build a loyal audience whilst taking care of their mental health.