Knowledge hurdles, lack of time or confidence & a to do list longer than 2023? You need The Business Widget


Hi! I’m Emily and I’m the Founder of The Business Widget. We are a VA powered Marketing and Operations Agency.

We are a brilliant team of people who share our passion for helping business owners to grow by taking the virtual business reigns and allowing them the time and headspace to get back to doing the parts of the business they love.

We are a mix of specialists in marketing and operations. Getting our creative kicks from creating content from a place of purpose including email campaigns, social media content, lead magnets and blogs. Strategic marketing can feel ‘salesy’ but if you are looking to serve people, support and connect with people then they need to know about you and how you can help them! We thrive on getting businesses organised, streamlined and stopping businesses from being a drain on their owner’s time. 

You can get to know me by following me on LinkedIn and Instagram so do come and say hello!

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