Hi, I’m Debbie Ford

“Are you struggling to get the message out there via your business social media channels?”

The short version is that I coach business owners to confidently run their own social media channels.

👉 I can do Zoom 1:1s or face to face here in Chichester, when restrictions are lifted again
👉 I can train you (or your team) on specific social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter
👉 I can deliver a one-off session or we can schedule 3 months of support until you are confident at flying solo
👉 I can also show you some of the content planning and creation tools I absolutely could not live without that will help you as a business owner

So, what do YOU need?

Right now that probably feels like a big ask as it’s not always clear exactly what you need – that’s why you’ve been looking for some support from someone like me.

Let’s have a quick 20min call to help me understand you and your business and what the next steps look like to help you achieve your business goals.

👉Email: hello@thechichestersocial.com or direct message for more details or click here to book a call.