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Hi, I’m Laura! A Certified and 5* Rated Lead Generation Specialist with over 9 years experience in the world of Paid Ads.

I help businesses get more high-quality leads using Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads so that they can …

  • Increase revenue
  • Scale their business
  • Build bigger teams

Did you know that the average person scrolls 300 feet of mobile content PER DAY?!

And that 58.4% of consumers purchase services online each week?

Are you getting your business in front of the right people that are ready to buy from you?

What would it mean for your business to get 10, 50, 100+ extra quality leads per month?

Request your free ads consultation to see what I can do for you.

What my clients are saying:

“We have had so many leads to the point where we have had to take on a new staff member! We are getting so many leads. Thank you!” – Danielle Youle

“Laura has been fantastic! Firstly by understanding my requirements and what our key purpose was for attracting the relevant customers. She listened and gave her knowledge on what works well for my industry. I have always found Laura approachable, quick to respond, and able to analyse different campaigns. I would recommend her business to anyone who is looking for a digital expert to help your business grow.” – Adam Tapley

“I have been working with Laura for 4 years. Her ideas, creativity, and passion to help me to grow my business is 5* ” – Chris Reynolds

You can read more Client Reviews over on my website at:  https://thepracticalmarketingacademy.com/client-reviews/

To request your free Ads Consultation, to see if ads are right for you, and to discover what type of ads budget you’ll need to see success, email me at laura@thepracticalmarketingacademy.com.