Facebook & Instagram Ads to grow your audience on social and your email list.

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You’ve done an incredible job to build your business.

Your clients get amazing results when they work with you.

And those results have meant you’ve got most of your clients from word of mouth, referrals and social media.

So far, that’s been working.

Getting posts seen by potential dream clients has become more time consuming, complicated and slow.


Facebook™️ & Instagram™️ Ads can connect you to millions of potential dream clients every single day.

Whether you want to grow your email list so you can be fully booked 3 months in advance, build an audience to sell your group programme to or sell out your in person or online classes – Facebook™️ & Instagram™️ Ads can enable you build and grow an email list of dream clients to do exactly that.

Sounds good, right?

Whether you are totally new to Facebook™️ Ads or are running Facebook™️ Ads but want to improve and optimise your results – I can help.


If there is one thing I love more than a cup of tea in a beautiful mug and a chocolate hobnob (the king of biscuits, no?), it’s helping women get confident using Facebook™️ Ads so they can grow their business.

If you created your business to work flexibly around your kids but are constantly distracted with your endless to-do list even when you are with them, and end up working longer hours just to try and stay on top of everything – I can relate!

I am on a mission to help ambitious women who run their own business but have limited time!

Using the power of Facebook™️ & Instagram™️ Ads I teach women to create lead generation campaigns that help them find their dream clients, get them on their email list and create connection opportunities that convert them to paying clients.

If it sounds like I can help then fill in this form and lets chat! Get in touch.