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Hi, I’m Rachel and I work with passionate service-based business owners.

For me, the magic happens when working with businesses who thrive on offering value and education through their social platforms.

If we work together I can promise you three things:

  • Positive energy at every interaction we have together
  • Honest, straight talking when it comes to both your social marketing and other aspects of your business I feel could benefit from my experience
  • A commitment to treating and nurturing your business as if it were my own.

Here are a small handful of sentiments I have heard recently from my clients…

An email I received following a client meeting: ‘It was great seeing you today – you always have such a happy and energized spark! I love it!’

A recent FB comment in a business group: ‘I have to say that Rachel is extremely personable, patient, and full of great information and strategies’

When emailing a client marketing ideas for a future event: ‘Love all of this!!  Thanks so much and I’m super excited too!!