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I specialise in supporting ecommerce businesses with their social media management (FB, Instagram and LinkedIn) and Facebook Ad campaigns.  Most of my experience has been with lifestyle and homeware ecommerce businesses but I have also managed the social media for a chain of quintessentially English tearooms, run an ad campaign for a virtual sustainability event and still support my network in financial services with their digital strategies and LinkedIn management (both paid and organic).

My passion is managing ad campaigns for my clients.  I enjoy the analysis mixed with the creative element of creating ads.  Clients come to me either because their current ad campaigns are losing them money or they want to start promoting themselves online but are unsure how to start.

More recently I have hosted training and workshops for businesses covering Social Media Strategy and Facebook Ads Management as businesses try to pivot during lockdown(s).

I spent 10 years working in Sales in Investment Management and towards the end of my time there was required to use more and more digital marketing techniques to reach my clients.  It was the part of my job I enjoyed the most and could see if any business was to succeed in the future, they would need to invest in their online presence.

I decided to pivot my career and gained my Post- Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute.  I then supplemented this with specialist training in Advance Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Advanced Social Media training from Jellyfish Training as well as graduating from The Hub’s Facebook Ads Academy.

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