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Wildcurrant: Affordable Website Design & Digital Marketing

Melissa Critchley: “My combination of 20 years of marketing experience, creative and aesthetic background and time spent teaching means that I am the perfect fit for small and creative businesses and can help you take your business to the next level with great website design, SEO and digital marketing and coaching”

Hello, I am a marketer with a difference – I can run your Instagram or Facebook accounts, or teach you to do the same but I can also build your WEBSITE and be all over your SEO – so my business Wildcurrant provides a one stop shop for small creative businesses UK wide. If you also need Ads – Google or FB, I will pull in an experienced freelancer to be part of the team.

A full run down of the services I offer:

Website design in WordPress

A DIY website design course

SEO audits and remedial work

Social media management from £650 per platform

FB & Google Ads Management

Power Hours covering all of the above

Marketing Coaching

Based in Shropshire and working UK wide.