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The SunnySideUp

Hi, I’m Rachel and I work with passionate service-based business owners. For me, the magic happens when working with businesses who thrive on offering value and education through their social platforms. If we work together I can promise you three things: Positive energy at every interaction we have together Honest, straight talking when it comes […]

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Digital Nightingale

Becky Nightingale – Your Partner in Enhancing Your Hair and Beauty Brand. Hello, I’m Becky Nightingale, a seasoned freelance marketer with a background in the world of hair and beauty. With a career spanning from hair student to national sales management, I bring a unique blend of hands-on experience and insight. Having been in the

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Chree8 Social Media

With all the social platforms available, finding and utilising those that are most beneficial for your business can seem like an overwhelming task. Without a clear strategy in place to guide you through it, even experienced marketers may struggle with coming up with content ideas or dedicating enough time to manage their presence online. That’s

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De-stress Digital

Hi, I’m Lenore, social media and email marketing consultant in the legal sector and wellbeing industry. Wellbeing🌟and law💼. If you work in those sectors or provide goods and services to them, get in touch to discuss how I can help you with: Social Media Strategies to reach your target audience Content Creation to showcase your

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Snowfinch Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT FOR THE TRAVEL & TOURISM INDUSTRY Are you feeling overwhelmed by the endless Instagram updates and the need to come up with endless new content ideas? I’m Kate, a freelance Social Media Consultant based in Worcestershire. I help businesses within the travel industry to grow on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.  With over

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Kojii Social

Hi there, I’m Kojii, an Irish Social Media Marketer and Content Creator based in Co. Tipperary and Dublin.  My passion lies in helping female lead businesses and entrepreneurs maximise your online presence. My clients are high functioning women who are more than capable of “doing it all” themselves but understand the benefit of freeing your

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The Social Tonic

HELLO, I AM PAULA! I am a Marketing Consultant with 20 years of experience connecting brands with their ideal customers and I help Food, Beauty & Wellbeing businesses use Social Media to: Build a strong brand Find & connect with their ideal customers Sell more Do you sell plant-based, vegan, free-from, natural, sustainable, ethical, organic

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SJR Social Media

I strongly believe that every brand or business should have a social media strategy… And that’s a hill I’ll die on. I’m not saying you need to be present on every platform or that you need to start dancing on TikTok, but I strongly believe that your business needs to have social media firmly embedded

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Honey Lansdowne

I help hypnotherapists and NLP coaches to get more dream clients with the power of facebook ads. As a hypnosis & NLP trainer myself, I was so relieved when I unlocked the power of facebook ads to attract clients for my own business. With targeted marketing, I was able to reach the clients who I

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